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Enactus India National Convention 2020 C
Enactus India National Convention 2020 C

Problem Statement

Millions of shoes are disposed

every second without regards to any level of defects, while it's a luxury for most to even own an single pair.

Project Abyaan aims to address the disposal of used cooking oil and poor sanitation and hygiene levels.

Enactus India National Convention 2020 C

Our journey started in October 2014, with the motto of 'We rise by lifting others' and the zeal to bring significant change in our society, our team has worked on 4 successful projects.


We, a team of 42 young business enthusiasts, endeavor to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within each of us & channel the unique talents, passions and ideas we possess to take actions that create a better, more sustainable world for us all.

We strongly believe that our communities have much more to offer to us than what we offer to them. The journey has brought us closer and enabled us to sensitize  with the community together, thereby transforming us into a beautiful family.

Under Project Raah, discarded footwear is refurbished utilizing the expertise of road-side cobblers ensuring sale of a pair at an affordable price while ensuring the socio-economic upliftment of the shoe-menders. Of those which cannot be reused despite repairs, planters are created which are then offered as decorative pieces to the market.

Project Abyaan, imparts skills of soap making among women beneficiaries after required raw materials are procured from a network of eateries and temples. The two products offered are organic and have eco-friendly.

- Ayuda Soaps: Made out of used oil catering to backward communities.

- Ayuda Skincare+ Soaps: Made out of goat milk catering to the needs of middle and upper-middle classes


Congratulations Hansraj College for being titled the Enactus India National Champion 2020