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Problem Statement

785 Million people lack clean drinking water globally, realizing this need Enactus SRCC launched Project Asbah.

7 Million Karigars nationally are reduced to mere laborers due to mechanization. To revive the dying and languishing Indian craft forms, Project Virasat was launched.

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We are proud to state that Project Asbah has been

able to continue its operations efficiently and Project Virasat generated sales of Rs.40 Lakhs to provide steady income to the artisans in the COVID-19 outbreak,

while strictly adhering to the guidelines issued by the Central Government.

Project Asbah was

lauded by the Hon'ble

Prime Minister of India

Shri. Narendra Modi

Asbah, meaning purity, strives to develop the rural and urban slums and villages of India by providing clean drinking water at highly affordable rates by setting up community filtration plants. For each plant that is set up, employment is created for 2 women entrepreneurs from the community. Starting in 2018, they have successfully set up such plants in 13 locations across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana impacting 35,000+ lives every single day.

Project Asbah provides clean drinking water at highly affordable rates of ₹4-₹6 per 20 litres, by setting up community water filtration plants in urban slums and rural households, while empowering previously unemployed women to handle operations. We have presence in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh with 13 plants. This year we've entered into collaborations with big corporates such as HCL and DCM Shriram and will be setting up plants under their CSR. We have 10 upcoming plants in Mewat, the most backward district in India and 4 in Uttar Pradesh in the next few months. We're also in the process of setting up a solar-powered desalination plant in Chennai that will convert seawater into drinking water, impacting 15000+ people daily. Asbah envisions to set up 30 plants and impact 82000+ lives by 2021, leaving no stone unturned.

Project Virasat aims at reviving the Karigars of India. We have established a brand named P-TAL (Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy) to revive the Thathiar craft of Jandiala Guru, Punjab, which involves handcrafting brass and copper utensils using traditional hammering techniques. It is the only craft form from India to be listed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. We mobilized artisans and provided them access to organized credit, contemporary designs, tools and safety equipment and better demand avenues. Having provided international exposure to the craft, we have now sustained the craft by establishing a team of full-time professional management individuals. Now, we are working towards reviving multiple other craft forms by collaborating with renowned institutions like the Ministry of MSME using our invaluable experience garnered from P-TAL.

During these unprecedented times, we were able to generate a good amount of revenues for our Thatheras by unique marketing strategy and giveaways.

P-TAL is not just a brand, it is a beacon of hope for those craftsmen who have seen their beloved craft form languish in front of them. P-TAL is truly molding the vessels of hope.


Congratulations Hansraj College for being titled the Enactus India National Champion 2020